Become is an invitation
to you to begin
and be on the journey
to ‘become’:

Become is an invitation to you to choose a powerful posture in your leadership, and life. You don’t ‘become’ by knowing more. You ‘become’ by shifting your practices, and with respect to leadership, by shifting and creating new conversational practices. Which is why this book is not about understanding new concepts, but about learning new practices to shift ‘who you be’, moment to moment.

This book is structured in a simple, easy to use manner, by using


as an acronym to describe the crucial domains
of leadership conversations.


The promise of this book is to provide, in simple words, the fundamentals of the critical leadership coaching conversations to enable leaders to generate sustainable, extraordinary results. These are vital and non – discretionary conversations, and yet skills of effectively having these conversations in organizational settings are generally missing.

The other promise of this book is to enable leaders and managers to generate results that matter to them and also support their teams to generate meaningful results.



Great idea on introducing the Contributors. In slides, introduce all three contributors and what they have contributed.

Bob Dunham,
Founder, Institute for Generative Leadership:

Much of what I have learned about the leadership coaching conversations is from Bob. He has been extraordinarily supportive throughout the process of writing this book. He has reviewed its contents patiently, had extensive discussions with me, helping me ground my claims, and contributed thought-provoking quotes for the start of each chapter. This collaboration with him has significantly enriched my learning.

Umang Bedi,

Managing Director, Facebook
(India and South Asia)

Umang has contributed some delightful and practical case studies for most of the key chapters of this book. In addition to these, he has shared an outstanding case study, ‘Re-imagining and Reinventing Adobe Systems, India’ which I have used as the last chapter in this book.

Sheeja Shaju,

Program Leader and Leadership Coach, Institute for Generative Leadership

Sheeja is an acknowledged somatic leader and a leadership coach and has generously contributed two appendices. The first one (Appendix 2) is a key leadership practice of Centering (in addition to audio versions for this website). This is a key somatic practice of leadership and the foundational practice of several other practices. The second one (Appendix 3) contains the somatic practices for the chapter on ‘Holding Space of Conversation’.


‘Become’ is an invitation to a posture:‘Become’ is an invitation to a posture:

  • that we are responsible for generating any result we want in areas that matter to us.
  • that the path from where we are to where we want to be is a path of conversations – (these missing conversations could be conversations that we have with ourselves, or with others).
  • that if a few conversations do not generate the desired results, we will continue to search further for the right conversations. History is witness to the fact that the genesis of any result is prior conversations that shape its possibility, action and outcome.
  • of responsibility rather than that of a victim. I will go one step further and state what I call a law: ‘If we feel disempowered or de- energized with regard to a person or a situation, then we are being victims and are not taking responsibility with regard to that person or that situation.’