Amongst the most commonly used words in organizations today is “Responsibility”. Yet, it is perhaps the most misunderstood, or least understood word. I have interacted with over 2000 managers and leaders in organizations, and almost all of them could not clearly distinguish what responsibility really meant. Many confused it with accountability.

Why is this word ‘responsibility’ even important?
Most individuals and teams are unaware of what this simple word really means. And when people are unaware, they often think they are taking responsibility, and yet operating as jerks, grumbling that others haven’t dedicated themselves to taking care of them. This is a cultural blind spot.   

When you fully understand ‘responsibility’, you realize it is a powerful ‘way of seeing’ that opens up new actions, new doorways and new possibilities. It is the only ‘way to see’ to truly generate results – not just any results – but those that matter to you. Stated simply – understanding the full-blown meaning of responsibility is critical to you taking care of what YOU care about.

 The Irrefutable Law of Responsibility is just that – Irrefutable. Like the law of gravity is irrefutable. Being unaware and not understanding the law of responsibility incurs huge costs – to oneself, team and the organization.


This is a book that asks important questions. While these questions are simple, they certainly are not trivial. On the contrary, these are incredibly important questions — those that can reveal a new world to the readers.

This book follows a simple structure:

Chapter 1

Introduction – Stepping onto the Verandah of Responsibility

Chapter 2

It is my Care after all!

Chapter 3

The Urge to Blame

Chapter 4

The Confusion between
Responsibility and Accountability

Chapter 5

The Responsibility
— Accountability (RAM) Matrix

Chapter 6

The Hierarchy of Responsibility

Chapter 7

The Law of Responsibility


Responsibility and its
importance in Leadership